2020 Tea Advent Calendars!

I think it goes back to when I was a little kid, falling in love with advent calendars. My brother and I would each get a cheap chocolate one and my mum would tape them to the fridge.

Jann (white, female, with shoulder length hair) is smiling and holding a large green box with box hands.  Box is green with gold writing and gold circus animals.  In the middle of the box the company name "Kusmi Tea" is displayed.  Background of photo is white boards with purple and white pennants and turquoise string pom pom.

December 1st couldn’t come soon enough. It was magical – just like Santa. I was allowed to have a small piece of chocolate every day and the time didn’t matter. I could have it when I first woke up if I wanted to! For 7 year old me, this was pure joy. It didn’t matter that the sunshine pouring into the kitchen made my little pieces of chocolate goodness all crusty and white, it was still magic and all joy.

“It was magical – just like Santa”

It’s no wonder when I became an adult with adult responsibilities money that I dove into the land of tea advents. My first one was a DAVIDsTEA advent. I somehow managed to tape it to the fridge, in a bold effort to hold onto those magical childhood moments.

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m diving into way too many tea advent calendars. Last year I had 3 and a half (I call 12-day count downs half calendars) 😉 This year, well let’s just say we are not done counting yet.

I had fun creating a video of 24 different tea advent calendars I found last year, so I challenged myself to do it again, but to dig deeper. It felt like I came to the end of the internet trying to find as many tea advent calendars for 2020 as I could, and I finally made a video with all of them:

I hope you find a tea advent calendar that you love and I hope it brings you some of the joy that they bring me. I can’t wait to start Vlogmas 2020 on my YouTube channel!

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