Tea Advent Calendars 2021

I still find tea advent calendars or tea holiday countdown calendars super magical and special, and for 2021 it is no different.  The ability to discover new tea blends, that you might never have reached for is perfect, add in the attention to detail, the wonderful packaging and the little bits of surprises that many of the companies manage to do, and you have a winning package!  

For 2020 I created a video of all the tea advent calendars I could find, you can dive into the Christmas past here, however this year, I thought it might be nice to keep a running tally of when I add them to my list, as some of them sell out very quickly.  

I'll still create one long video to showcase all the wonder and joy that the season has to offer.  As someone that loves the fall season, this is just one more to call fall the best season ever. 

I'm also still planning to create Tea Vlogmas 2021, a daily video log of unboxing the tea advent calendars that I end up purchasing, which will be recorded and edited in a single day and uploaded to my YouTube channel before bedtime.  I've created Tea Vlogmas for 2020 and 2019 and had such a fun time.  

This is also where the Brew Kindness giveaway box originated.  A box that is filled each day with tea or treats for an epic giveaway after Tea Vlogmas (vlogmas runs from December 1 to 24). 

Let's get our list started! 

1. Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar 2021


Blue book like box with Bird & Blend branding and the words "Spread a little magic" on the front.  At the bottom corner it looks like the corner is a page being flipped, showing the red and green advent boxes behind.  Beside the advent calendar sits a clear mug with ruby red tea and a teabag.  All this sits in front of a roaring log fireplace.

Photo: Bird & Blend 

Based in the UK and shipping (almost) worldwide, we see this tea advent calendar has moved to be more environmentally friendly this year.  Each day contains 2 teabags.  Early bird pricing is shown at $54USD 

I really enjoyed Bird & Blend's advent calendar last year and would recommend this, especially if this is a new company for you to explore their blends.  Link to their site here


2. T2 - 24 Reasons to Smile - Tea Advent Calendar 2021



Photos: T2

T2 originating in the UK with expansion throughout the world (they have shops in the USA, but sadly none in Canada).  For my Canadian tea lovers, we would look at purchasing through the USA side of their site.  At this time, I can only see the tea advent calendars on the Australia site.  Pricing is showing at $45A (~$33USD or $42CAD) here

They are offering two calendars, one teabag edition and one loose leaf edition.  Another wonderful company to explore exceptional blends.  I was able to dive into their 2019 advent calendar after the holidays, and it was wonderful.  

3. DAVIDsTEA - 24 Days of Tea - Tea Advent Calendars 2021 



Photos: DAVIDsTEA 

DAVIDsTEA is not leaving anyone out this year, they went from having one tea advent calendar, known as their "24 days of tea" to adding a dedicated matcha one last year "24 days of matcha" to adding a third to their line up for 2021 which is caffeine free!  

However, they are leaving much of the world out, with only offering USA and Canadian shipping.  Something I really hope they are able to move towards over their coming years.  

As a Canadian company that holds a special place in my heart, it should come as no shock that I've created dedicated David's Tea daily advent tasting videos for the last three years (all found on my YouTube channel: 20182019 and 2020) and I plan to do the same for 2021!  So don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here :) 

With the pink background is the regular "24 days of tea", the green background shows the "24 days of matcha" and the blue background shows the "24 days of tea, caffeine free".  

At the time of typing, ordering has been limited to 'frequent steepers' of David's Tea (to become a 'frequent steeper' you need to purchase a set amount to have this status on your account.  However, it should be open to everyone shortly.  

The cost for the tea and caffeine free version are $50 and the matcha set at $65.  Link to their site here :)

4. World Tea House ADVENTure Tea Boxes 


Photo: World Tea House

Phil, owner of World Tea House in Halifax, Nova Scotia is creating another special tea advent calendar. 24 loose leaf teas, with about 4 servings per day. This will sell out quickly, I’m sure. They go on sale Saturday, September 10th at 12 noon. 

This is also a reminder to check you local tea shops! I’ll let you know if I’m a lucky one that snags a calendar! 🤞 This tea advent comes in at $55CAD 

5. Whittard Tea Advent Calendar 2021


Whittard tea advent calendar 2021 

Photos: Whittard

This teabag filled tea advent calendar is filled with so much wonder and joy, the designs are amazing, with each little box having it's own pull tab.  There are 18 different tea blends throughout the advent, so you will see 6 days duplicated.  23 of the days contain 4 teabags, perfect if you have a family of tea drinkers that want to share this tea advent together.  The first day contains 2 teabags, with "a little extra gift to start your journey".  The teabags are individually wrapped, which would also make this a wonderful tea advent for a workplace or to share with friends.  

At the time of typing this advent is listed  as 'coming soon', so keep an eye on its future release date.  

The Whittard tea advent calendar for 2021 is set at £60.00 ($78USD or ~$99CAD), shipping almost worldwide.  Check out all the details for this tea advent calendar here :) 

Whittard also has a wonderful hot chocolate advent and coffee advent advent option!


6. adagio teas - Tea Advent Calendar 2021

There is a placeholder for Adagio's tea advent calendar, showing it will return for Fall of 2021 and you can sign up on their website to be notified.  I'll be keeping an eye on this one, as someone that has only tried a couple Adagio blends, this might be on my list this year! Check out their placeholder here :)  


7. Geek + Tea - 2021 The Twelve Days of Geek+Tea Christmas Advent Calendar 2021


Photos: Geek+Tea

This 12 day tea sampler has a wonderful ending, a geeky photo that you put together each day and can frame.  Pre-orders are open at the time of typing, at $65CAD, with shipping in November.  They also offer three different types: herbal, caffeine free, or fully caffeinated.  Check them out here :) 


8. Sipology - 24 Steeps 2021

Photo: Sipology 

Sipology tea countdown is called 24 steeps, each day has a new tin full of tea making 2 cups each.  This will be available October 1st, with the price shown at $69CAD.  Catch a glimpse of this one in their fall/winter catalogue on page 6 and 7. 


9.  The Tea Girl - Tea Calendar 2021 

Photo: The Tea Girl

24 tins filled with unique and hand crafted tea blends by The Tea Girl.  I appreciate how on their website they have a 'click here if you want to ruin Christmas' button, so you can avoid all spoilers if you want to.  I will say, I popped my head into the list and it looks lovely.  Presale pricing is at $49 until October 15 and then moves to regular price at $59CAD. 

Shipping is available within Canada, USA, and Europe.  Check them out here :) 


10. Fortnum & Mason - Christmas Tea Lovers Advent Calendar 2021

Photo: Fortnum & Mason

Although this is the same advent (design and tea selection) from 2020 and 2019, it's still wonderful.  The design holds up, it's stunning and if you want to dive into Fortnum & Mason's tea (in the form of teabags), this is a perfect calendar for you.  

If you're looking to hear more about it, you can always check out my Vlogmas 2019 on my YouTube channel, as we opened it daily.  

At £25.00 (~$44CAD, $35USD) it's reasonably priced to allow you to explore their teas.  However, it should be noted that there are not 24 unique blends, a few days are duplicated.  


11. Nordqvist Moomin Valley Tea Advent Christmas Calendar 2021

Photo: Nordqvist

I remember hearing about Moomin last year, they seem so interesting, and although I still do not fully understand them, I still find this design super interesting and unique.  

With tea names like "fluffy clouds" and "it's play time" it just seems magical and wonderful.  These 24 pyramid tea bags are hidden in adorable boxes with white hearts.  

The price is very reasonable at $23.89CAD ($18.83USD) and shipping to a variety of the world.  Check them out here :) 


12. Westholme Tea Company - The Ultimate Tea Advent Calendar 2021 

Photo: Westhome Tea Company

This is one of this ultra advent calendars, one that is the gift to impress.  It's not just Canadian grown tea (as well as tea from other countries), but it's gifts and tea ware and so much more!  

A splurge for sure, but just imagine how special each day will be counting down to Christmas!  This impressive tea advent calendar is $475CAD (~$375USD).  At the time of typing it is not yet open for pre-orders, but you can email them your desired interest to be first to hear about the release!  


13. A.C. Perch Tea Advent Calendar 

ac perch tea advent 2021

Photo: AC Perch

This is one that I personally purchased last year for vlogmas 2020 and I loved it!  The design and the amount of tea that you received along with the quality was a wonderful surprise for the holidays.  The design was a little different, but very similar.  

A reasonable price, but definitely on the higher end of the majority of the tea advents, this one comes in around $88CAD (~$70USD). 


14. Tea at the Whitehouse Advent Calendar 2021

tea at the whitehouse tea advent 2021

Photo: Tea At The Whitehouse 

Did you watch my Afternoon Cream Tea at home video?  This is where that lovely package came from.. Tea at the Whitehouse a tea shop in Ontario, to which I was a test run for their mail order afternoon tea.  It was delightful.

When I heard they were offering a tea advent calendar, I knew it was the perfect addition for vlogmas 2021!  I might have stayed up until midnight and set an alarm so I wouldn't miss out on this pre-order.  At $30CAD (~$24USD) I knew it wouldn't last long.  Especially since this was the first time this tea shop has created a tea advent.  

I'm delighted to let you know it's officially on my list, now the waiting for it to arrive!  So fun!  This tea calendar contains bagged tea, so it will be perfect for those work days! 


I have more to add... and will continue as time permits... so come back soon :) 


I'll also keep a running log of which tea advents or countdowns I have officially ordered here: 

Tea with Jann - Tea Advent Confirmed Purchases 2021

1. DAVIDsTEA 24 days of tea 2021 

2. DAVIDsTEA 24 days of tea, caffeine free 2021 

3. T2 24 days to smile 2021, loose leaf version 

4. Tea at the Whiteshouse 24 days of tea, tea bag version 


Bonne Maman Jam Advent Calendar 2021 is officially ordered for vlogmas 2021! 

Jeanette has snagged a Lego advent calendar for 2021! :) 



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